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Waco’s Premier Training & Wellness Facility

The Lab Gym in Waco is an exceptional fitness destination that embodies the perfect blend of expertise, innovation, and community. With a team of top-notch personal trainers and skilled massage therapists, we offer a holistic approach to health and wellness, providing personalized training programs, nutrition guidance, massage therapy, and bodyfat analysis. Join us at The Lab Gym and experience a transformative fitness journey supported by a welcoming community of like-minded individuals.

Our Services

Monthly Membership

If you enjoy crowded, loud gyms, dirty equipment, and not knowing what to do, then The Lab probably isn't the gym for you. While we are primarily a service facility, we are offering 24/7 gym memberships via keycard access. 

Membership Details:

$50 per month

•24/7 Access to facility

•Half price Bodpod bodyfat testing

•Discounted massages

•No contracts!

Family/Significant Other Add-on:

$30 per month

•No Family contracts

Guided Training Plan:

$50 per month

•Custom training plan

-updated monthly

•Nutritional guidance

-Set caloric needs and macros

-Tracking intake

•Monthly check-in to make adjustments

•No contracts

Please contact us with any questions and let us know how we can help you on your journey.

-The Lab Team

Massage Therapy and Bodpod Body Fat- Analysis

Massage therapy and Bodpod Body-fat analysis are two of the services we offer at The Lab. Our massage therapists are incredible at what they do and specialize in many forms of recovery: deep tissue, assisted stretching, cupping, and Graston. The Bodpod is owned and run by Bodycompu. This is the most accurate, commercially available form of body fat and body analysis in Waco. These are two incredible tools that anyone with any goal can and should use. Recovery and progress tracking are two vital components of success in pursuing any fitness and wellness goals. First time discounted rates are a great way to see how these two services can help you.

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